General Plumbing

Plan a leak repair service in Molalla, OR

A stubborn leak can keep you up at night and raise your water bill. Say goodbye to chronic leaks once and for all when you hire Covert Plumbing for leak repair services. We'll get to the bottom of your dripping faucet or shower head, then recommend a repair or replacement.

Call now to schedule a leak repair service in Molalla, OR. Be sure to ask about our free phone estimates and special discounts for seniors and veterans.

Explore our general plumbing services

Don't panic when minor plumbing issues arise. Turn to us for general plumbing services. We offer:

Toilet repairs
Pipe replacements
Faucet replacements
Shower head replacements

In addition to repair and replacement work, we also provide new fixture installation services.

Contact us now to set up a toilet repair or faucet replacement in Molalla, OR.